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Wordle alternative online dating

I thought of this every time I saw something beautiful, and God delivered me from my depression (and my porn addiction).

Around age 19 I got depressed, probably because I did nothing but work at Wal-Mart, download music, and watch internet porn.

[Now] having surrendered my prideful and independent ways to him, I can see how my weakness is God’s strength. I was deceived because I did not let the Spirit lead me into truth.

Now I ask for God’s guidance in all quests for knowledge and wisdom.

My dad and I read lots of this Christian self-help stuff.

We shared our latest discoveries with each other and debated theology. He said he believed mostly for the “aesthetics of belief” and his “somewhat mystical experiences of Christ.” He wrote, “In a way, I am a Christian because I want to be one, and the logic flows from there.” I also wrote a defiant email to an atheist radio show host to whom I’d been listening, Matt Dillahunty: I was coming from a lifetime high of surrendering…

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I am not going to start a discussion, or any debate, as I know I will never win, but I will be praying for you, Luke. I stumble, i fall, i complain, i wonder, i despair, i almost quit, i quit sometimes, i have problems believing somethings (eg like whether the sabbath is really on saturday or sunday try and figure that one and let me know what you find out)and so many other things bro.

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