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Domestic assault laws vary widely from state to state.Domestic violence can refer to physical harm inflicted on a member of a household or family, by another member of the same household or family.

Not only are you facing criminal penalties that are often harsher than those for a basic assault offense, you also have to deal with the unrest in your personal life, the damage to relationships, and long-term repercussions that charges like these carry.

“The exhibition and the catalogue have different elements to it,” the designer says.

“A video and more than 50 unique objects specifically produced for the show,” were the main counterparts of the exhibition, difficult to represent in a book.

“It was important that both the exhibition and catalogue would be the institutions [in this case, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art] view on the artist, who had just turned 50 and has a huge body of work.” Instead of mirroring the work, “crazy in colours and shapes,” Claus and Tal made it clean, “making it look modern and all focus is on the work.” Yet hints at the artist’s sensibilities in painting the sides of the pages yellow, as “Tal is almost always painting right to the edges of his paintings and often on the sides too.” Studio Claus Due also displays its ability to honour an artist’s work after they’ve passed away, shown in , a tome on the ceramic artist and graphic designer Axel Salto, who also created “beautiful fabrics, illustrations and endpapers in the 1950s,” says Claus.

“Through the Danish Design Museum we got access to a lot of Salto’s old publications, and from these found inspiration in how to design the catalogue.

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For instance, , a publication designed for Alex Da Corte’s solo show at Secession in Vienna earlier this year, is a book wrapped up in a elastic band that you’re desperate to unravel.

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