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An extract is made by soaking the botanical in a liquid that removes specific types of chemicals.

The liquid can be used as is or evaporated to make a dry extract for use in capsules or tablets.

For example, fresh ginger root is often found in the produce section of food stores; dried ginger root is sold packaged in tea bags, capsules, or tablets; and liquid preparations made from ginger root are also sold.

Effects on the distribution, metabolism, or excretion of drugs may be pronounced and may lead to drug toxicity.

The action of botanicals ranges from mild to powerful (potent).

A botanical with mild action may have subtle effects.

Also, different preparations vary in the relative amounts and concentrations of chemical removed from the whole botanical.

The safety of herbal products may be related to the mixtures of active chemicals that they contain; their interactions with other herbs and drugs, contaminants, or adulterants; or their inherent toxicity.

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Some mild botanicals may have to be taken for weeks or months before their full effects are achieved.

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