Razr froze while updating

Posted by / 12-Dec-2017 00:26

Razr froze while updating

You can’t blame the companies like Telus, Rogers or Bell for that. Ultimately I want complete control over what I pay for my mobile phone.

Yes I need to buy a cell phone or smartphone but once I own it, I want to limit my calls as much as possible in an effort to save money.

Here is what I’ve discovered about pay as you go or anytime plans in Canada.

I’m going to possibly save you some real frustration but perhaps I’m in the ignorant minority group on this.

That’s trick #1 but naturally it’s too late for most of us to do that now.

You can always not answer in those instances and let voice mail or call history take over but that’s a bit unfriendly.

When I asked them about the PC Mobile prepaid phones they suggested they didn’t even have any.

To anyone looking at PC Mobile, just be forewarned that their website and support appears to be on a completely different page than these new Superstore “in-store” mobile shops.

If you’re attempting to do what I’m doing, then this should be your #1 consideration in which pay as you go plan to choose.

See that’s the trick with mobile phones and the plans that are offered.

You get sucked into a monthly commitment because frankly that’s just a good business model.

In other words if you’re very clever and very efficient in using your any time minutes, you’re not going to be benefiting because the clock is ticking.

In fact you would be surprised just how short a time you have to use your minutes up.

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In reality we use mobile phones all the time, but in realistic terms we can limit the use substantially.