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Mousugu shinu hito online dating

Story: 8 the story can happen in reality, well i think it already happen on different country.I can understand the story because they make a setting on school where they market is student or 8 The drawings are good and you can understand easily.character:9 character is the interesting part in food sadist and yandere is the spies or special flavor , that's why this manga is good. " daichi, is that the fat guy or the cross dresser boy?It had a certain amount of mistakes and plot holes, rushed endings and skipped time frames, but the overall idea and development were really good.There was a good amount of mystery, surprise and action for such a series and this made it even better.

I'll keep this review short so people can just get an understanding of it.

Kominato Riku is a high school student who aims to be a game designer.

The girl next door is his childhood friend Haju, is in love with him, but he has fallen head over heels for the school idol Riko. With that all said you’d think this is the start of some love-comedy harem, but a rumor spreads that Nodoka receives a message that says, “you will die soon”.

The story of the manga is somewhat original as the characters attempt to pass trials set by the government to keep alive for the crime of not being in a relationship.

The main character is an otaku with his only interest being in 2D, with an obsessive yandere girl who wants him and a few other very unique characters.

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