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Millionaire matchmakers in uganda

The writing in This September Sun, poetic at times, fires a clear warning shot across the bows of world literature to announce that Bryony Rheam has arrived to claim her rightful place.

This September Sun impressed me as a new refreshing breeze that offers an incisive insight into the Rhodesian and, later, Zimbabwean psyche, … (it) is a rich addition to the canon of Zimbabwean and world literature.

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Bryony Rheam offers us a rich portrait of a family and a society in the grip of inexorable change, through the eyes of the sensitive, spirited Ellie.Elegantly written, funny and poignant, this is a wonderful first novel from a writer of great promise. A beautifully executed story about Ellie's painful journey of discovery through her family history.His fiction captures the edgy energy of townships where young people have learned to be light on their feet, their dancing born of economic necessity and mocking disrespect for traditional authority.Mlalazi's collection of short stories is an important addition to the new writing from Zimbabwe concentrating on the social disintegration of the country.

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Rich, poor, white, black, Indian, foreigner or local.