Meetha paan online dating

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As per Wikipedia - Paan, or pān is an Southeast Asian tradition of chewing betel leaf with Supari (or Areca Nut) and lime paste, and katha (or kaatha) brown powder paste, with many regional and local variations.

Finest quality of fresh fruits & dried fruit used all sweet paan no need to spit & stain free whole paan take in one bite don`t share. Join us on - facebook/pandeypaans "US President Barack Obama will get to taste Delhi's famous Pandey's paan (betel leaves) at the banquet being held in his honour by President Pranab Mukherjee at the Rashrapati Bhawan on 26 January.

According to sources in the Presidential Secretariat, a "sweet gulukand mixed tobacco-less item" will be presented to Obama after the meal as per the tradition followed while hosting foreign dignitaries.

Paan is a betel leaf mouth fresher from India, Pakistan and neighboring countries.

But the one thing that is constantly evolving are the innovative ingredients that paanwalas now experiment with.

It may have started with a basic Saada paan but now we have a Rasmalai paan, Chocolate paan, paan with gold, you name it and there’s a paan to suit every taste.

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