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But the mission had no bed for him, so he wound up outside.Shelters and nonprofit groups said the practice, a version of “patient dumping,” is not uncommon.

One could look at the mountains of public debt piled up in the wake of the crisis (as governments, thank goodness, carried on spending while tax revenues collapsed in order to stop their economies slumping into new depressions).Citrus Heights police shot and killed the same number of people from 2013 through 2016 as the Police Department in Oakland, a city with five times as many residents and a much higher violent crime rate. But California hasn’t provided the better life they expected.Sacramento has become a major destination for Afghan refugees who translated for U. Marked for death by the Taliban at home, they’ve endured poverty and violence in Sacramento.The bottom line is that we can’t afford another financial crisis. A boozy work retreat for UC Davis employees at a pricey hotel in Monterey resulted in an internal investigation and the demotions of two staff members.

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