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I have changed some headlines to provide additional context where necessary; for example where Minivan News (now Maldives independent) constantly refers to Hilath Rasheed as "controversial blogger" rather than by his name.After each clipping I've provided a link to version of the original post that has been archived. I have the timeline compiled all the way until the end of 2015 but this page has already become large enough as it is.As a result, the islanders constructed their own mosque, Dhar-ul-Khair, which was later closed by the government on October 7, who said it was against the Protection of Religious Unity Act. Shaheems video showed locals praying in Dhar-ul-Khair, and was submitted as evidence by the police in a case which was later thrown out by the Attorney General.A reliable source within the Attorney Generalâs office says the case was scrapped on the grounds that Shaheems entry into the premises had been unauthorised under Islamic law.Each event involves students and adults in their different roles as athletes, coaches, sports officials and spectators.All those involved in the event are expected to uphold the same spirit of respect and cooperation.Former Deputy Chief, Adam Mohamed was also relocated to Malhos.

Here are some search terms to ctrl f through the page: Jaleel had been holding classes for about 10 people, spreading themes and ideas not approved by the Council.

The government reshuffled its island staff as a result of the row, with Island Chief, Abdul Rahman, being moved to Rasdhoo.

His successor, Adam Areef took over the jurisdiction of the islands office the same day.

As the event ensues, we ask that all of our parents, coaches, officials and athletes keep this vision of our purpose in mind.

These regulations shall be followed by all students participating in tournaments and other athletic events organized by the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISST) Any student who participates in an ISST event agrees, by signing below, to obey the regulations.

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