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Camoto sex chat

Komodo is one of the characters who appeared in 2007, when the Avengers Initiative was launched. As such she has extraordinary strength, speed, reflexes, and amazing regenerative powers. She also received Initiative basic training in combat skills, first aid, vehicles, etc. Like many superheroes with Regeneration, she has an annoying tendency to get hurt.Most such characters were young superhumans who were drafted to receive training at a special boot camp to marshal the USA’s superhuman resources. She can revert to her human form at will, but will only do so with people she really trust.Hardball was assigned to the Nevada team, the Heavy Hitters, but they kept meeting once a week.

The fact that he accepted her in both her forms helped Kusuma to regain confidence in herself. Some weeks later, the MVP clone called KIA started his mad rampage in Fort Hammond.Apparently, this time around, she was unafraid of potential punishment.Komodo and Hardball fought KIA in the clone’s home in Kentucky.He used his Tactigon to infect her with poison so potent that it would kill her before she could regenerate.In a desperate gamble to save her life, Hardball used his power to sever her poisoned legs, stopping the toxin before it could travel to the rest of her body.

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