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Hormone levels change, metabolism slows down and the brain becomes more aware of food.“Once you’ve gone through the process of losing that much weight that quickly, it does mess with your metabolism,” Jones said. You have to work harder to keep weight off.”But Jones, 41, said people have a choice — one that’s kind of a no-brainer.“You have a decision to make,” she said.“Would rather have a lower metabolic rate, or the health problems that are on that list.”Jones was a teacher and coach for 18 years, but left her positions at Sherman Elementary School earlier this year.“It kind of just happened,” she said.The Biggest Loser Transformed gives Australians the motivation and tools to be the best they can be.

Their weight-loss goals are within reach, but the very real pressures and stresses of everyday lifeincluding money, work, kids and relationships have taken priority.HSHS has 13 hospitals in Illinois and Wisconsin, including HSHS St.John’s Hospital in Springfield, as well as several community-based health centers and clinics.“I go out and talk about my experience and how HSHS can partner with people,” she said.“It’s amazing how when you set foot on a reality show, it gives you a kind of instant status,” Jones said. It’s a great way to pay forward the lessons I learned.”She said that 88,000 people applied to appear on Season 16 of “The Biggest Loser” and only 20 were chosen.“What I’ve been given is a gift, a blessing,” she said.First aired September 15, 2009 Before arriving on the Biggest Loser Ranch, the contestants are given a challenge: a footrace along the last mile of the Biggest Loser Marathon from Season 7.The winner would receive immunity for him(her)self and the person s/he would choose as his or her partner.

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A pair of studies by a National Institutes of Health researcher shows that almost all contestants on “The Biggest Loser” weight-loss reality show have gained weight since returning home from their stint on the show.“That’s absolutely true,” said Sonya Jones of Springfield, who finished second from among 20 contestants on Season 16 of the show, which concluded on Jan. Jones said the most recent study by researcher Kevin Hall tracked all 14 contestants from Season 8.