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Absolutely free sex text with no registration needed

It was Jim who broke the silence—Flash Jim, to give him the full name to which he answered in the haunts he frequented. For a moment or two he glanced round at the faces turned expectantly towards him, then resting his two hands on the table in front of him, he leaned forward towards them."Gentlemen," he began, and the foreign accent seemed a little more pronounced, "I have asked you to come here to-night through my good friend, Mr."Our chief, with whom I spent last evening, is seriously concerned about these things." "You spent last night with the chief?" said Waldock, and his voice held a tremor of excitement, while the others leaned forward eagerly. " "He was at six o'clock yesterday evening," answered Zaboleff with a faint smile.

At night they avoided it if possible; folks did say that twelve years ago some prying explorer had found the bones of a skeleton lying on the floor in one of the upstair rooms with a mildewed rope fixed to one of the beams in the ceiling. Even now when the wind lay in the east or north-east and the tide was setting in, there were those who said that you could see a light shining through the cracks in the shutters in that room upstairs, and that, should a man climb up and look in, he'd see no skeleton, but a body with purple face and staring eyes swinging gently to and fro, and tied by the neck to a beam with a rope which showed no trace of mildew.

Branches dripping with moisture brushed across their faces, and involuntarily they both turned up the collars of their coats. " He swung round with a little gasp, clutching his companion's arm. For a moment or two they stood still, peering into the dark undergrowth. " "I thought I heard a bush creaking as if—as if someone was moving," he said, relaxing his grip. If you will insist on coming to an infernal place like this to transact a little perfectly normal business you must expect a few strange noises and sounds. Has he "—his voice sank to a hoarse undertone—"has he brought the money? "And you'll 'ave to sit on the floor, as the chairs ain't safe." Two candles guttered on a square table in the centre of the room, showing up the faces of the five men who sat on the floor, leaning against the walls.

"I will explain my reasons in due course," said the first speaker shortly. "It must have been the wind, I suppose." He still peered fearfully into the gloomy garden, until the other man dragged him roughly towards the house. Let's get indoors; the others should be here by now. " "You'll all hear in good time," said Waldock curtly. Three of them were nondescript specimens of humanity of the type that may be seen by the thousand hurrying into the City by the early business trains.

Ridiculous, of course; but then so many of these local superstitions are.

Useful, too, in some cases; they afford a privacy from the prying attentions of local gossips far more cheaply and effectively than high walls and bolts and bars.

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So, at any rate, one of the two men who were walking briskly along the rough track seemed to think.

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